To schedule online/face to face statistical consulting services with the Biostatistical Consultancy Center (BCC), please prepare the synopsis of the work and deliver to the BCC by mail or post. Please observe the policies and procedures under which the consulting center operates. If there are any questions about the consultancy, please address your concerns to

Policies and procedures:

Hereby provides the guidelines and information to facilitate the use of our services as well as to detail what researchers can expect, and what is expected of them, when using our statistical consulting services.

What We Do: We can help you design your study, select an appropriate statistical procedure, identify the various parts of your output, or interpret results.

How to prepare: For initial consultations, be prepared to describe in detail your research questions and objectives and the characteristics of your expected data set (if applicable). If you are in the process of analyzing your data, you are encouraged to email or bring an electronic copy of your data.

Whom We Can Help: Consulting services are limited to students, faculty, and staff of various universities of India.

When do I Contact the Statistical Consulting Center?: Availability of consultants affects scheduling; priority is typically first-come first served, and even last minute requests should be scheduled at least
two weeks in advance of your deadline.

Standard Consultation Fees: For each project, our service is available on a fee-for-service basis.The consultancy charge varies depending on the nature of service requested.

NB: Provided is the minimum consultation charge range (per service quested) and that may vary according to the nature/amount/complexity of the research.

  Service requested


Rate for PHD analysis

Protocol writing       (sample size/methodology )

1000 - 1500

1000 - 2000

Data analysis, Interpretation and reporting results

1000 - 4000

    6,000 - 15,000

Article writing guidance

1000 - 2000

2000 - 5000